Yen Bai

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Area: 6,886.3 km2
Population: 821,030
Aged worker: 512,000
Number of industrial park: 5
Number of FDI project: 25
Strategic location

Situated on the gateway to North-West Viet Nam, Yen Bai Province borders Lao Cai, Ha Giang in the north, Son La Province in the west, Tuyen Quang in the east, and Phu Tho in the south.


Natural resources: The province’s total area of natural land is 688,292.2 hectares including 78,600 hectares of agricultural land, 453,600 hectares of forestry land, and 30,200 hectares of specialized land. Forests here has a plentiful fauna and flora with many valuable kinds of wood for production and export especially Fokienia. The province also has a variety of mineral sources with 257 mineral mines such as brown coal mine, antra-xit coal in Van Chan and Van Yen, precious stone mines in Luc Yen, Yen Binh, etc.

Travel resources: The province has potentiality for developing tourism with its strengths such as diversified nature with many places of interest, recognized historical and cultural monuments such as Hum cave with the vestiges of ancient times of 10,000 years ago, Tham Thoong with ancient tools made of stone, Tham Le cave in Van Chan district, Xuan Long cave and Thuy Tien Cave in Yen Binh district, Thac Ba lake, Giang stream eco-tour, Muong Lo paddy field and Nguyen Thai Hoc temple etc.

Traffic: Yen Bai is the point of junction of Northern mountainous provinces. It has quite developed transportation system with 6,444.3km of road, 84 km of railway and 198km of waterway including Red river and Thac Ba lake routes, one military airport (Yen Bai airport) and three makeshift airports (Nghia Lo, Nam Khat and Dong Cuong airport)

Power system: Yen Bai has 3,401.4 km of electric line, of which 110KV lines is 90km long, 35KV lines is 943.3km long, 10KV is 192.9km long and 0.4 KV line is 2,175.3km long.

Water system: Urban water supply system, with standard quantity and quality, is able to supply to households and enterprises.

Post and Telecommunication Systems: 100% inter communication system was digitalized. In 9/9 districts and city, microwaves lines and automatic switchboards were installed. Convenient posting services meet the requirement of economic development

Economic overview

GDP growth rate 2018: 6.31%

Investment situation

Up to now, Yen Bai has 25 FDI projects with the total investment capital is nearly 401 million US dollars.

Attraction fields

Manufacturing, services, industry.


Add: Yen Ninh road, Dong Tam ward, Yen Bai city
Tel: (84) 293852163  

Add: No 118, Tran Phu, Dong Tam ward, Yen Bai city, Yen Bai province
Tel: 02163.859.266
Fax: 02163.890.366

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