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Ben Tre

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Area: 2,359.8 km2

Population: 1,263,000

Aged worker: 809,000

Number of industrial park: 2

Number of FDI project: 60

  • Strategic location

    Ben Tre is situated in Mekong Delta. It shares its border with Tien Giang in the north, Vinh Long in the west and south - west, and Tra Vinh in the south. It has 60km seashore.

  • Infrustructure

    Natural resources: BếnTre does not have advantaged natural conditions like other provinces in Mekong delta. Its area of alluvial soil is only 11,846 ha (5.1% total area) and is used for paddy cultivation. Other areas do not have much cultivation value. There is not many mineral resource, only sand and clay for building material production

    Travel resources: BếnTre is the home land of coconut and special fruits, decorative plants, bird gardens, ancient houses, and temples of historical persons in southern area. In 2006, the province has called on for investment in 5 tourism areas with total investment value up to dozen million UDS. They are tourist complex of CồnPhụng - ChâuThành; Vam Hồ - Ba Tri eco-garden; Mỹ Thạnh An - Bến Tre recreation and ecological complex; Cồn Ốc-Giồng Trôm, Cồn Nổi-Mỏ Cày ecology tourist areas.

    Traffic: Transportation infrastructure includes roadway and waterway. There are big rivers running to the South China Sea through major estuaries such as Cửa Đại, Ba Lai, Hàm Luông, Cổ Chiên, running to Cambodia in the upper reaches. Ships and boats can easily go to Ho Chi Minh city and the west provinces from Ben Tre. In terms of road, there are important nationlalroad such as natrional road No 17, 57 and 26.

    Power system: Local power system is connected to the national grid with over 300 km medium voltage cable. System of low voltage grid can be found in all communes

    Water system: There are big water plants such as Sơn Đông with capacity of 24,000 m3/day and Ba Lai – ChâuThành with capacity of 25,000 m3/day.There are also several other small water plants in other towns and coastline communes.

    Post and Telecommunication Systems: The local system is quite complete, allowing provincial, national and international communication with various types of services such as telephone, telegram, facsimile, email, etc. There are approx. 6,000-7,000 new lines installed every year to reach the number of 110,000 lines in 2010 with an average 6.3 telephone in 100 persons.

  • Economic overview

    GDP growth rate (2010-2015): 7.8%. Industry - Construction: +13.25%; Services: +7.61%; Agriculture, forest, fishery: +3.78%.

  • Investment situation

    Up to October 2018, Ben Tre has 60 FDI projects with the total investment capital is nearly 834,199 million US dollars.

  • Attraction fields

    Infrastructure development, agricultural products processing, textile, construction materials, tourism,

  • Contact

    Add: No.6, Cach Mang Thang 8 Road, Ward 3, Ben Tre city
    Tel: (84-753) .822.148l Fax: (84-753) .825.543