Ha Giang

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Area: 7,914.9 km2
Population: 854,131
Aged worker: 512,000
Number of industrial park: 1
Number of FDI project: 6
Strategic location

As a mountainous province, located in the North pole of the country, the north of the province borders Yunnan and Guangxi provinces of China, with the border of up to 274-km long. The south borders Tuyen Quang province, the east borders Cao Bang, and the west borders Yen Bai and Lao Cai.


Natural resources: There are 9 groups of soil found in Ha Giang but most of them are grey soil suitable for developing industrial, medical and fruit trees. The province has a large area of forests with 345,860 hectares of natural forests; primeval forests having many valuable medical, wood trees and animals. The province also has 28 mineral types, many mines with high mineral deposits such as antimon ore in Yen Minh, Dong Van, Bac Me, iron ore in Vi Xuyen, Quan Ba, etc

Travel resources: Ha Giang has great potentiality for developing tourism with plentiful natural resources and valuable cultural and historical monuments such as Dong Van stone plateau, Khau Van love market, Tay Con Linh Top, Thi waterfall, Bay waterfall, Twin stalactite, Quan Ba heaven gate, Ma Pi Leng top, pine tree hill, brick kiln, famous ancient Viet’s archaelogical site in Bac Me, Na Chao

Human resources: In 2010, trained labor comprised of 45% of the total population ( 735,800 people).

Traffic: Road is the main transportation. There are 4 national highway through Ha Giang which are No 2,4C, 34 and 279 with the total length of 454 km. Besides that, provincial as well as inter-village roads were improved to support traffic

Power system: Ha Giang invested much in developing its power supply system. Up to now, there is one 110kV transmission station with the capacity of 30,00 KVA, 8 hydroelectricity stations with the capacity of more than 6,000 kW and several diesel electricity generators with the capacity of more than 2,200 kW, which are capable of supply electricity to all local 10 districts and town.

Water system: Up to now hundreds of self-regulating water works, 23,895 water tanks for people living in mountainous areas; there are water supply systems in the centers of all town/districts. 80% of households living in mountainous areas can have water supplied in dry reason, 41% of households in the province can have access to clean water.

Economic overview

GDP growth rate 2018: 6.76%

Investment situation

Up to now, Ha Giang has 6 FDI projects with the total investment capital is about 4.1 million US dollars.

Attraction fields

Tourism and services, high-tech agriculture, agricultural processing, mineral processing.


Add: No 188, Tran Hung Dao, Nguyen Trai ward, Ha Giang city.
Tel: 0219.3866.256 - Fax: 0219.3867.623
Email: skhdt@hagiang.gov.vn

Add: No 222, Nguyen Trai street, Ha Giang city, Ha Giang province
Tel: 02193.860.109
Email: bqlkkt@hagiang.gov.vn

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