Bac Giang

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Area: 3,849.5 km2
Population: 1,803,905
Aged worker: 1,036,000
Number of industrial park: 5
Number of FDI project: 510
Strategic location

Bac Giang is situated in the transitional area between the North-Eastern provinces and the Northern Delta and Hanoi Capital. It borders Bac Ninh and Hai Duong to the South, Lang Son to the North, Quang Ninh to the East, Ha Noi Capital and Thai Nguyen to the West. Thanks to its geographical location adjacent to the key economic triangle Hanoi - Hai Phong - Quang Ninh, it is quite convenient for Bac Giang to develop and connect with other regions


Natural resources: Mineral resources was discovered 63 mines of 15 different categories, including: coal, metals, industrial minerals and construction materials, namely: Coal was defined reserves for 8 mines of Yen The district, Luc Ngan district, Son Dong district, Luc Nam district is 114 million tons, including antraxit coal, thin coal, mud coal. In there, Dong Ri mine (Son Dong district) has major reserve (107,3 million tons). Mineral construction materials has 16 clay mines with reserves about 360 million m3 in Viet Yen district, Luc Nam district, Lang Giang district, Yen The district and Hiep Hoa district. It also was detected 5 mine sand and gravel, concentrated in Yen Dung, Viet Yen and Hiep Hoa (4.550 thousand m3 of sand and 91.200 m3 of gravel). Metallic Minerals has 16 mines, including: iron ore in Yen The, copper ore in Luc Ngan Son Dong, gold ore in Yen The, Luc Ngan. There are also other minerals such as: barite, kaolin, feldspar.

Traffic: + Road: * Name and Quantity highways: 05 - 1A Highway (the south to Hanoi, the north to Lang Son) - 31 Highway (the east to Lang Son) - 279 Highway (to Quang Ninh) - 37 Highway (to Thai Nguyen) - 17 Highway (to Bac Ninh) * Name and Quantity of province highway: 18 - DT 398 (50,3km): From Dong Viet to Cau Go - DT 295 (70,5km): From Doi Ngo town to Dong Xuyen - DT 295B (23.8 km): From Tan Xuyen to Cau Dap Bridge - DT 292 (35 km): From Kep town to Tam Kha - DT 298 (18km): From Lien Son to Phuc Lam - DT 298B (7km): From Kha Ly to Bo Pagoda - DT 293 (63,9km): From Tien Hung to Ha My - DT 294 (15km): From Soi to Ka Bridge - DT 297 (8km): From Phuc Son to Viet Ngoc - DT 288 (9km): From Thang to Hoang Van - DT 296 (9.5 km): From Thang to Vat - DT 290 (15km): From Kep Ha to Lau Bridge - DT 299 (11,7km): From Thai Dao to Neo - DT 299B (8,4km): From Tan An to La Pagoda - DT 291 (25km): From Yen Dinh to Thanh Son - DT 289 (9,7km): From Chu to Khuon Than - DT 248 (26km): From Phong Minh to Xa Ly - DT 242 (6km): From Phuong Dong to Ca Mountain * Vision to 2030: Reconstruction of the main traffic routes of the province (DT 293, DT 295, DT 298, DT 294, DT 292) and invest some routes of connection: Dinh Tram - Dong Son – 31 Highway; DT 293 - Ben Dam Bridge (Yen Dung); 37 Highway – Trung Son - Bo Da Pagoda; the Hanoi 4th belt road which pass to Bac Giang Province; the beltways Bac Giang city, Thang Town (Hiep Hoa), the Chu Town (Luc Ngan). Build 03 new Bridges in order to meet the development needs of Bac Giang city: Dong Son Bridge, Tran Quang Khai, A Lu. + Railways: * The name and number of the National Railway: 03 lines (Hanoi - Dong Dang; Kep – Ha Long; Kep - Luu Xa)

Power system: There are 9 stations of 110KV stations (Doi Coc, Dinh Tram, Cau Go, Duc Thang, Luc Ngan, Song Khe - Noi Hoang, Lang Giang, Luc Nam, Cau River), 1 station of 500KV (Hiep Hoa)

Water system: + 01 (Clean Water Plant No.1 - Bac Giang city); 01 water plant is currently building in the city of Bac Giang (Clean Water Plant No. 2). Also, there are 105 water supply stations in communes, towns in the province. + Capacity (m3/day):  Clean Water Plant No.1: 35.000 m3/day.  Clean Water Plant No.2: 25.000 m3/day. + How to meet the IndustrialZone, residential areas: 02 water factory and 105 water station to meet 100% of clean water for Industrial Zone, 100% population for Bac Giang City and 85% population for Bac Giang’s rural. - Waste master and water treatment’s systems: + For waste master: * There is 01 waste master treatment factory (domestic, industrial, hazardous),recyclewaste master of Hoa Binh processing and recycling waste master JSC in Nham Son communes, Yen Dung district + For waste water: * There is 01 concentrated wastewater treatment factory in Bac Giang city and 03 factories in the industrial zone. * Total Capacity:  Concentrated wastewater treatment factory in Bac Giang city: 10,000m3/day  Dinh Tram Industry Zone’s Factory: 2.000 m3/day  Van Trung Industry Zone’s Factory: 5.000 m3/day  Quang Chau Industry Zone’s Factory: 3.000 m3/day * Meet 75% for the Industrial Zone which have centralized wastewater treatment System, 50% of the demand for domestic wastewater treatment of Bac Giang city.

Economic overview

GDP growth rate 2018: 15.96%

Investment situation

Up to now, Bac Giang has 510 FDI projects with the total investment capital is nearly 6 billion US dollars.

Attraction fields

Mechanical and electric-electronics industries, Supporting industry, Construction material industry, Service sector, Infrastructure development, High-tech Agriculture.


Add: Nguyen Gia Thieu Road, Bac Giang city, Viet Nam
Tel: (84-200) 3854317 l Fax: (84-204) 3854923

Add: Dinh Tram Industrial Administrative Center, Viet Yen, Bac Giang.
Tel: 0204.3566971.

Add: No 164, Xuong Giang Street, Ngo Quyen Ward, Bac Giang City, Bac Giang province
Tel: 02403 854980 / 02403 854085

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