Thai Binh

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Area: 1,570.8 km2
Population: 1,860,447
Aged worker: 1,110,000
Number of industrial park: 9
Number of FDI project: 90
Strategic location

Belongs to the Red River Delta, Thai Binh is a granary of North Viet Nam. The province is surrounded by Hai Duong Province and Hai Phong City on the north, Ha Nam and Hung Yen provinces on the west, East Sea on the east and Nam Dinh Province on the south.


Natural resources: Thai Binh’s agricultural land area is 964,000hectares, suitable for growing high productivity and quality paddy, various vegetables and good quality fruits. Besides that, there is Tien Hai (C) gas mine (exploited since 1986) and Tien Hai mineral water, brown coal with large reserves (more than 30 billion tons) but has not exploited yet due to its deep location (600-1,000m).

Travel resources: The province is famous for its long-standing tradition (both cultural-historical and revolutionary one) with many places of interest such as Keo pagoda, Dong Bang temple, Tran dynasty temple, Le Quy Don and Uncle Ho monuments. Since 2001, the province has invested in upgrading historical monuments, tourism spot in Dong Chau seaside, Van and Den dunes, building ecological, professional villages, entertainment centers to attract tourists.

Traffic: The transportation is quite convenient in the province with two main means of transportation which are roadway and waterway. In terms of roads, there are National road No 10, 39 and 37 running through the province. The provincial roadway is properly developed with the highest density of the country (calculated per capital and per area) Thai Binh has a system of Luoc, Hoa, Tra Ly and Red rivers which is convenient for local waterway transportation. It has 49.25km of coastal line with newly built

Power system: The power supply in the province is safe, stable with high quality, timely meet the demand of household and for production. 100% households in the province are supplied with power. On average, there are 5-6 transformer stations and over 10km electricity lines of all kinds in each commune. The province is among the leaders in electrification with highest numbers of electricity lines and transformer stations. Electricity loss is 6.85%.

Post and Telecommunication Systems: The system has been upgraded and modernized with STAREX-VK switchboard with 23,784 new numbers, which has just put in use. All telecommunication stations are equipped with satellites. The number of subscribed telephones is 37,680 (2.1 telephone for every 100 persons). There are 29 stations and 54,932 subscribed telephone numbers. All transmissions are done with E1 (micro and optical cables). There are telephones and daily newspapers delivered in every commune.

Economic overview

GDP growth rate 2018: 10.53%

Investment situation

Up to now, Thai Binh has 90 FDI projects with the total investment capital is about 730 million US dollars

Attraction fields

Precision mechanical components and equipment, electronic components, supporting industry, pharmaceutical production, infrastructure development, high-tech products


Add: No. 233, Hai Ba Trung, Thai Binh city
Tel: (+84) 36 3831.774  Fax: (+84) 36.3830.326

Add: Ngo Gia Kham Street, Phuc Khanh Industrial Zones, Phuc Khanh ward, Thai Binh city, Thai Binh Province
Tel: 0227.3644814 – 108

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