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Dak Nong

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Area: 6,515.6 km2

Population: 587,000

Aged worker: 374,000

Number of industrial park: 2

Number of FDI project: 13

  • Strategic location

    Dak Nong Province is located on Central Highlands. It is surrounded by Dak Lak Province on the north, Lam Dong Province on the east and south-east, Binh Phuoc Province and Cambodia on the west.

  • Infrustructure

    Natural resources: Dak Nong has various forest resources with a lot of wood and valuable trees. There is a bauxite mine with exploitable volume of 5 billion tons, (the biggest in the south east Asia), 20 km from Gia Nghĩa in the Southeast; a sapphire gemstone mine in Dak Rung, Dak Song, Dak Nông; a gold mine with high volume. These help the province attract investments on mining and energy industry.

    Travel resources: Many famous landscapes with 31 ethnic groups of M, Nông, Ê Đê, etc. convenient for developing cultural ecology tourism. There is a system of visiting points such as Trinh Nữ, Đray Sáp, Gia Long, Ba Tầng, Ngầm waterfall, Liêng Nung, Đắk N,Tao tourist area, M,Nông cultural village.

    Traffic: Đak Nong located on the southern gate of the Central highland. There are national highways No.14, 14C and 28 to Hồ Chí Minh city, Đăk Lăk, Lâm Đồng and to other provinces in the south. The province has national border gate in Bu Prăng, Đăk Pơ making it convenient for cross border trading and attracting tourists from Cambodia to Central highland by roadway

  • Economic overview

    GDP growth rate (2011-2015): 12.62%; Industry - Construction: +20%; Services: +20%; Agriculture, forest, fishery: 26%. Export-import turnover growth rate: 20.6%

  • Investment situation

    Up to October 2018, Dak Nong has 13 FDI projects with the total investment capital is about 144.368 million US dollars.

  • Attraction fields

    High-tech agriculture, agricultural processing, infrastructure development, high-technology, tourism & services, industrial plants (coffee, rubber, cashew), mining.

  • Contact

    Add: 23/3 Road, Gia Nghia, Dak Nong
    Tel: (84) 501.3544333 l Fax: (84) 501.3544333