Kon Tum

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Area: 9,689.6 km2
Population: 540,438
Aged worker: 293,000
Number of industrial park: 5
Number of FDI project: 9
Strategic location

Kon Tum is on Central Highlands. It shares border with Laos, Cambodia on the west, Quang Nam Province on the north, Quang Ngai Province on the east and Gia Lai Province on the south.


Natural resources: There is 10,558 km2 natural area with quite fertile soil suitable for cultivation of industrial crops. In addition, there are 614,000 hectares of forest land including 611,300 hectares of natural forests with a wood reserve of 60.1 million m3. The province has various mineral resources such as bauxite, gold, kaolin, etc.

Travel resources: There are interesting tourist points such as Kon Tum prison, ChanhHoawooden church, E42 ĐắkTô, TânCảnh army station, PleiVẽnh, Hờ village; Ya Ly tourist area; and MăngĐen resort, etc.

Traffic: The transportation system is not sufficientbut has great potentiality. Kon Tum is located in the border conjunction with 117 km of national highway No. 14, 99 km of national highway No.24, 20 km of national highway No.40 and a border gate to the southern area of Laos.

Power system: The inner provincial grid was improved to provideservices to the whole province. Optical fiber transmission network has spread to 8 / 9 districts and towns

Post and Telecommunication Systems: There is a standard communication system. 8/9 towns and districts have optical cable connected and can provide high quality communication services. The province has 16 switchboards. Two of them are HOST and 14 are RSS satellite; besides, there are several subscriber hubs installed in economic, residential areas.

Economic overview

GDP growth rate 2018: 8.10%

Investment situation

Up to now, Kon Tum has 9 FDI projects with the total investment capital is nearly 94 million US dollars

Attraction fields

Infrastructure development, industrial plants (rubber, coffee), aquatic products, supporting industry


Add: No. 12, Nguyen Viet Xuan, Kon Tum city
Tel: (84) 603.862710 l Fax: (84) 603.864253
Email:  skhdt@kontum.gov.vn

Add 1: Area 1, Bo Y Border Gate Economic Zones
Tel: .288.788 - Fax: 02603.885.208
Email: banquanlykhukinhte-kontum@chinhphu.vn
Add 2: 145 U Re, Kon Tum city, Kon Tum province
Tel: 02603.910.606 - Fax: 02603.866.900

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