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Bac Lieu

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Area: 2,468.7 km2

Population: 882,000

Aged worker: 506,000

Number of industrial park: 5

Number of FDI project: 11

  • Strategic location

    Bac Lieu Province situated in the Mekong River Delta. It shares its border with Can Tho City and Soc Trang Province to the north, the East Sea to the south, Ca Mau and Kien Giang provinces to the west.

  • Infrustructure

    Natural resources: Most of the land is stable sediment and suitable for comprehensive agriculture development. Total land for annual cultivation of paddy, vegetables and industrial crops is about 98,295 ha; Land available for forestry, shrimp breeding, and salt production is 125,546 ha. Besides, BạcLiêu has various, abundant sea resources with the coast line of 56km and offshore territory of 40,000 km2. There are 661 species, 319 races, 138 groups of fish and sea species. Many of them are of high value and high ex

    Travel resources: BạcLiêu has strong advance in ecology and sea tourism with distinctive natural landscapes as 300hectares bird garden located in Hiep Thanh commune which is 3km from Bac Lieu city. The bird gardens are habitant for about 6000 individuals in 40 species. There are also two stork gardens in Phuoc Long town and Vinh Phu Tay town and a bird garden in Dong Hai disttrict which is a habitat for a rare bird species. Bac Lieu also owns many historical literal monuments as: VĩnhHưng, NọcNạng ancient tower,

    Traffic: Local transportation infrastructures include waterway and roadway. National highway No.1A runs through the province (total length of 68 km in the province) makes it really convenient for transportation and economic development. Besides that provincial road system was upgraded. However, major transportation means in Bạc Liêu is waterway with total 324.5km long

    Power system: the system was completed in whole province and 100% housesold was supplied with electricity

    Water system: Water supply system and drainage 100% household was supplied with clean water. The drainage was completed so that it is able to reduce flood when rain seasnon comes.

    Post and Telecommunication Systems: The province has a complete post and communication system. The system allows provincial, national and international communication with various service types such as telephone, telegram, telegraphy, facsimile, email etc. The province has1 central post office, 5 district post offices, 43 local post offices and 39,409 telephone subscribers.

  • Economic overview

    GDP growth rate (2015-2016): 5.38%; Industry - Construction: +6%; Services: +4.8%; Agriculture, forest, fishery: +3.4%.

  • Investment situation

    Up to October 2018, Bac Lieu has 11 FDI projects with the total investment capital is nearly 439.933 million US dollars.

  • Attraction fields

    Infrastructure development; high-tech agriculture, agricultural processing, renewable energy, tourism & services.

  • Contact

    Add: Nguyen Tat Thanh Road, Ward 1, Bac Lieu city
    Tel: (84) 781.3 823 874 l Fax: (84) 781.3 823 874