Quang Ninh

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Area: 6,102 km2
Population: 1,320,324
Aged worker: 692,000
Number of industrial park: 13
Number of FDI project: 130
Strategic location

Quang Ninh is located in the North-Eastern of Viet Nam with the strategic location in economy, polytics, military and foreign affairs. Quang Ninh is the province with particularly important and favorable geographical location for economic development: Quang Ninh has a long international borderline with the People’s Republic of China (PRC), international border gate of Mong Cai and two national border gates of Hoanh Mo (Binh Lieu) and Bac Phong Sinh (Hai Ha).


Natural resources: Quang Ninh has a plenty of land resources with the total area of 601,000 hectares including 50,364 hectares of agricultural land, 146,019 hectares of forestry land. The province is rich in mineral, especially coal with the reserves of 3.5 billion tons (the exploitation quantity of 30-40 million ton/year); besides it also has raw materials such as limestone, clay, etc. in various places such as limestone in Hoanh Bo district, clay in Gieng Day, Kaolin in Tan Mai, Mong Cai, glass in Van Hai, etc.

Travel resources: Quang Ninh has the most valuable tourism potential in Vietnam with many beautiful beaches, Bai Tu Long and other islands, especially, Ha Long bay has been recognized as the World’s natural hertage two times. Moreover, Ha Long attracts tourists by hundreds of historical and cultural monuments located along the sea

Traffic: The province has quite systematic transportation network (roadway: national highways No. 18A, 10, 4B, etc.; railway, seaway, seaports; especially its national and international border gates with China). Over the past years, several new routes have been newly built or upgraded such as Chi Linh – Ha Long route, Ha Long – Mong Duong route, etc. Besides several bridges have been newly built like Bai Chay bridge and Hoanh Bo bridge, etc. Convenient transportation network has enabled the province to d

Power system: Up to now, national power supply network has reached all city, town and districts of the province. There is enough power supplied to national and international investment projects implemented in the province with 7 110 kV stations (Gieng Day, Giap Khau, Cam Pha, Muong Duong, Tien yen and Mong Cai) with the total capacity of 154 MVA and 2 220Kv stations with the capacity of 250MVA. The provincial grid including 35Kv line, 10Kv line and 6Kv line supplies all communes and villages.

Post and Telecommunication Systems: The system was developed well and met the demand of the province.

Economic overview

GDP growth rate 2018: 12.60%

Investment situation

Up to now, Quang Ninh has 130 FDI projects with the total investment capital is nearly 6.3 billion US dollars.

Attraction fields

Manufacturing; trading centers; high-tech agriculture, infrastructure development, Mineral mining, tourism & entertainment.


Add: Administrative Centre Provincial Politics, No.2 Nguyen Van Cu, Hong Ha Ward, Ha Long city, Viet Nam
Tel: (84-33) 3835687 l Fax: (84-33) 3838071
Email:  skhvdt@quangninh.gov.vn

Add: Building 2, Nguyen Van Cu street, Hong Ha ward, Ha Long city, Quang Ninh province
Tel: 0203.3836573 - Fax : 0203.3838022
Email: bqlkkt@quangninh.gov.vn

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