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Phu Tho

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Area: 3,533.3 km2

Population: 1,369,000

Aged worker: 822,000

Number of industrial park: 7

Number of FDI project: 150

  • Strategic location

    Phu Tho is a mountainous midland province in the North of Vietnam, located in the center of the area, plays as the northwest gate of Ha Noi capital, is a part of economic corridor Hai Phong - Ha Noi - Kunming (R.O. China), as a bridge between The Northwest area, Hanoi capital and the provinces of Northern delta.

  • Infrustructure

    Natural resources: The province has 97,513.53 hectares of agricultural land, 148,885.67 hectares of forestry land, 22,744.94 hectared for specialize use. It also has great potentiality of materials for paper production, agricultural and forestry products, mineral such as kaolin, fenspat, limestone, mineral water, etc., enabling the province to develop mineral exploitation and processing, paper industry, porcelain, ceramic industry, production of cement and other construction materials, etc.

    Travel resources: Phú Tho is ancestral land where Vietnamese began so that it preserves many historical and revolutionary places, material and intangible heritages such as Hung temple, Phung Nguyen, Son Vi and Go Mun archaeological sites. Moreover, there are many war relics like Hien Luong war zone in Ha Hoa district, Van Thang war zone in Cam Khe district, Lo river victory monument, Ho Chi Minh president memory zone in Tam Nong district. Having grandiose sceneries is also an advantage of Phu Tho, which are Ao Ch

    Traffic: Convenient transportation with developed road system, railway and waterway. In terms of roads, national highway No 2, 32 and 70 run through the province while Noi Bai-Phu Tho highway, Cross-Asia road and Ho Chi Minh Road are constructing. Regarding waterway, Viet Tri river port is one of 3 largest port in the North of Vietnam, in addition, there are also Yen Mao port (in Da river), Bai Bang port (in Lo river). The 100km railway connecting Hanoi, Hai Phong, Yen Bai, Lao Cai, Con Minh (China) and

    Power system: The system is stable here with national power network connected to all communes meeting domestic and production need.

    Water system: 70% population was supplies with standard clean water. There is a clean water factory with the total capacity of 108,000 m3/day ensuring to meet the water demand of city and towns.

    Post and Telecommunication Systems: All post and telecommunication services of high qualitycan be found in Phu Tho and its system is connected with the national ones to ensure smooth connections nationwide and worldwide.

  • Economic overview

    GDP growth rate (2010-2015): +5.63%; Industry - Construction: +5.57%; Services: +6.45%; Agriculture, forest, fishery: +4.5%.

  • Investment situation

    Up to October 2018, Phu Tho has 150 FDI projects with the total investment capital is nearly 1.23 billion US dollars.

  • Attraction fields

    Infrastructure development, high technology, Software production, Electricity and Electronics, chemicals and medicines, Motorbikes, automobiles, mechanical manufacturing, argricultural products.

  • Contact

    Add: Tran Phu Road, Tan Dan, Viet Tri city, Phu Tho
    Tel: (84-210) 384 6581 l Fax: (84-210) 384 0955