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Binh Phuoc

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Area: 6,871.5 km2

Population: 944,000

Aged worker: 573,000

Number of industrial park: 12

Number of FDI project: 231

  • Strategic location

    Binh Phuoc is on south of Viet Nam. It is surrounded by Cambodia on the north and north-west, Dak Nong and Lam Dong provinces on the east, Dong Nai and Binh Duong provinces on the south and Tay Ninh Province on the west.

  • Infrustructure

    Natural resources: The province has rich land suitable for various crops, especially for long term industrial crops of rubber, coffee, fruits, and peppercorn. The province has 198,677.75 ha of forestry land with various species of fauna and flora. There are many mineral, metal mines, especially bauxite with high volume reserve in districts of Bù Ðăng; the stone mines of Bà Rá - Phước Long, Núi Gió - Bình Long, Núi Cẩm - Lộc Ninh, limestone mine of Tà Thiết - Lộc Ninh

    Travel resources: BìnhPhước has places of interest of Trảng cỏ, Bàu Lạch in Bù Đăng district. It is considered as a grassland surrounded by intact forests; Bà Rá tourist area with a lot of beautiful landscapes such as the hill of Bằng Lăng, Hang Dơi cave, Hòn Đá Đen cavern, boat tour in the reservoir of Thác Mơ hydro power plant...; special troops memorial stone, French colonial prison, waterfall of Liêng Hút in Đắc Ơ, regarded as a Đà Lạt in Bình Phước; the eco-tour area of Mỹ Lệ company.

    Traffic: The province has a quite good transportation system connecting all of local districts, towns, communes and to neighbouring areas. There are important national highways such as national highway No.14 running to the highland area, national highway No. 13 running to Ho Chi Minh city, Binh Duong and to Cambodia

    Power system: Binh Phuochas Thac Mo hydropower station with the capacity 150MW, Can Don hydropower station with the capacity of 72MW, SrokPhuMieng hydropower station with the capacity of 66MW and some small station. The provincial electricity gridincludingmore than 500km of 500Kv line, 220Kv line, 110Kv line and others covers whole province to supply it with stable electricity.

    Post and Telecommunication Systems: The system has been expanded and modernized to ensure smooth and wide connection in province. From 2005, the number of telephones increased by 1,074,875. In 2004, there was 8.500 new subscribers, increasing the proportion of telephone usage from 10 set/100people (year 2005) to 130 set/100people (year 2009), and increasing the proportion of connected wards and communes from 93.8% (year 2000) to 100% (year 2009).

  • Economic overview

    GDP growth rate (2011-2016): +10.8%; Industry - Construction: 32.2%; Services: 29.3%; Agriculture, forest, fishery: 38.5%.

  • Investment situation

    Up to October 2018, Binh Phuoc has 226 FDI projects with the total investment capital is about 2,346.092 million US dollars.

  • Attraction fields

    Agricultural products processing (rubber, pepper, cashew, meat), infrastructure development, high-tech agriculture, supporting industry.

  • Contact

    Add: No. 626, Highway 14, Dong Xoai, Binh Phuoc
    Tel: (84) 651.3879253 l Fax: (84) 651.3887088