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Ca Mau

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Area: 5,294.9 km2

Population: 1,218,000

Aged worker: 704,000

Number of industrial park: 4

Number of FDI project: 11

  • Strategic location

    Ca Mau Province is situated in the southern tip of Vietnam with 307km coastal length. It is surrounded by East Sea on three faces and Kien Giang, Bac Lieu provinces on the north and north-east.

  • Infrustructure

    Natural resources: soil, water, forests, seas and minerals

    Traffic: + Road network:  Names and numbers of national routes: 4 national routes: Motorway 1; motorway 63, motorway Phung Hiep và Ho Chc Minh road.  Names and numbers of provincial roads: 14 provincial roads with a total length of 406,8 km, and they are: ĐT.983 (Tri Phai-Thoi Binh), ĐT.983B (Ca Mau-Thoi Binh-U Minh), ĐT.984 (Tac Thu-U Minh-Khanh Hoi), ĐT.984B (Vo Van Kiet), ĐT.984C (T11 road), ĐT.985 (Rau Dua-Rach Rang), ĐT.985B (Tac Thu-Rach Rang-Song Đoc), ĐT.985C (T13-Vam Đa Bac), ĐT.985D (Southern coast of Ong Đoc river), ĐT.986 (Đam Doi-Cai Nuoc-Cai Đoi Vam), ĐT.987 (Western coast of Bay Hap river), ĐT.988 (Luong The Tran-Đam Doi), ĐT.988B (Cai Nuoc-Đam Doi), ĐĐT.02A (Vanh đai 3 Ca Mau city),  Vision to 2030: National roads: 7 highways and national routes throughout the province: Motorway 1; Motorway 63, Phụng Hiệp motorway, Southern coastal motorway, Hochiminh motorway, coastal motorway, Cần Thơ - Cà Mau highway. Provincial roads: Until 2030, Ca Mau will finish updrading and expanding current roads to reach class IV và also building ĐT.990 road (Ca Mau – Dam Doi – Nam Can).

    Power system: + Ca Mau province has two thermal power plants (Ca Mau 1 and 2). 60% of electric power in the province is from 220kV substation Ca Mau 2; there are also seven 110kV substations in the districts and city of Ca Mau. + Electricity price, installment and repairing service: average electricity rate in 2015 is 1.628 VND/kWh, the rate for installing and repairing is governed by legislation.

    Water system: + 01 fresh water supply plant in Ca Mau city and small water supply stations in other districts. + A capacity of 60.000 cu.m/day + Serving 60 - 85% of water demand in industrial zones and residential zones - Waste (Wastewater) treatment system: + Waste: Waste treatment plant: 01 Capacity (tonnes/day): 200 tonnes/day Serving 65% of waste demand in industrial and residential zones. + Wastewater: There are 54 factories which have been settled wasterwater treatment systems in Ca Mau. No of wastewater treat plants: 0 Capacity (tonnes/day): 0 Serving (%) wastewater demand in industrial and residential zones.

  • Economic overview

    GDP growth rate (2010-2016): +5.15%; Industry - Construction: 25.47%; Services: 40.03%; Agriculture, forest, fishery: 30.66%.

  • Investment situation

    Up to Octobor 2018, Ca Mau has 11 FDI projects with the total investment capital is about 70.241 million US dollars.

  • Attraction fields

    Infrastructure development, sea-food processing, foodstuff for cattle, tourism, oil exploitation, wood industry, packing industry.

  • Contact

    Add: No.93, Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 5, Ca Mau city
    Tel: (84-780) 3831.332 l Fax: (84-780) 3830.773