Nam Cau Kien | IP062NCK (80/100)

Plan area: 263.47 ha
Leasable area: 30 ha - 50 ha
Period: 2008 - 2058
Leasing price: $80 - $100
Location: Hai Phong
Site connection

Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park is located in Thuy Nguyen District, Hai Phong City.
0 km from National Road 10
15 km from New Hanoi Haiphong Highway
10 km from Trang Due Industrial Zone
25 km from Lach Huyen Deep SeaPort
110 km from Noi Bai International Airport
20 km đến Dinh Vu Industrial Zone
20 km from Cat Bi Airport
100 km from Hanoi Capital
6 km from VSIP

Infrustructure situation

Phase 1: 103 ha (100% completed)
Phase 2: 160 ha (ongoing)
With the target of building the morden and environment friendly Industrial Park, Shinec Joint stock Company favors the development of clean, light and high levels of gray matter Industries which match with the development orientation of Haiphong city:
Internal Road System: structure of reinforced concrete, thick of road 30 cm, main road 30 m, subroad 15m - 25m.
Waste water treatment & Water supply: capacity of waste water treatment 2,000 m3/day, capacity of water supply 25,000 m3/day.
Power station: Total capacity: 189 (3x63) MVA, Voltage: 110/22 KV
Port: Ship weight 5000 DWT, Barge weight: 6,500 DWT, Length of port: 1,000 m, Depth in center 8 m, CFS Warehouse, container yard.
Fire protection system: fully equipped and qualified; fire engine system ≥ 2.000 litters, 150m distance, Water Supply Tank

Attraction fields

All fields without pollution, Electrical & Electronic products, Hi-tech products, Construction Material, Processing Industry

Related costs

Service fee: 15.000 VND/year - Yearly payment
Power price (From EVN suppiler, updated 2019): Normal hour: 1,526 VND/kWh ((From Monday to Saturday: 4h 9h30', 11h30' 17h and 20h 22h/ Sunday: 4 22h); Off peak hour: 989 VND/kWh (Everyday: 22h 4h); Peak hour: 2,817 VND/kWh (From Monday to Saturday: 9h30' 11h30', 17h 20h)
Clean water price: 19,000 VND/m 3 - Monthly payment according to the gauges.
Power connection fee: ~ 3150 USD /KVA for the transformer station of the project.
Water connection fee: average 80,000,000 VND/connection point Depend on the location of the land.
Waste water drainage connection fee: average 80,000,000 VND/connection point Depend on the location of the land.
Surface water drainage connection fee: average 80,000,000 VND/connection point Depend on the location of the land.
Fee for waste treatment: Depend on the price of each type of waste from the service supplier.
Fee for waste water collection and treatment: 17,500 VND/m3 monthly payment (the wastewater is calculated as 80% water input or by measuring equipment).


Corporate income tax: 2 year tax exemption and reduction 50 for next 4 years. The tax rate is 17 within 10 years.
Import and export taxes: import tax exemption for goods to create the fixed assets (machinery, equipment and components, details, materials which can’t be produced in the country,…)
Abroad profit transfer tax: Free of tax on transfer of profit abroad.

Major tenants

Investors from Korea, Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Italia, Japan, Singapore.


Add: Nam Cau Kien Industrial Park, Thuy Nguyen, Hai Phong, Vietnam
Contact person: Ms. Hien, Business Executive
Mobile: +84-98-779-8243 l Email:

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