VSIP Binh Duong 2 | IP027VSBD2 (86/100)

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Plan area: 1700 ha
Leasable area: < 10 ha
Period: 2006-2056
Leasing price: $80 - $100
Location: Binh Duong
Site connection

Distance to Tan Son Nhat airport:  33 km
Distance to Sai Gon seaport: 27 km
Distance to Binh Duong city: 9 km
Distance to HCM city: 37 km

Infrustructure situation

Main traffic system is 28m wide, including 4 lanes
Internal traffic system is 18m wide, including 2 lanes
The national power supply system is 22Kv with the capacity of 140MW / day, ensuring 24/24 power supply
Telecommunication: There is a complete communication system to ensure easy domestic and international communication. Service time within 7-10 days.
Waste treatment: Waste is collected and processed as WHO standard, right at the waste treatment plant of industrial zone. Maximum 40.000 m3/day
Waste water treatment: Capacity 8000 m3 / day
Finance: 2km from the financial center
Training school: Vietnam - Singapore Technical College provides human resources for VSIP
Housing for workers: There is a residence area for workers
Other utilities: Fire protection system as standard

Attraction fields

Electrical & Electronic products, Heavy Industries, Hi-tech products, Construction Material

Related costs

1. Electricity:
- Normal hours:  0.07 USD/Kwh
- Night hours:  0.045 USD/Kwh
- Rush hours: 0.119 USD/Kwh
 (excluded VAT)
2. Water Supply: 0.53 USD/m3 excluded V.A.T - monthly payment.
3. Water treatment: 0.5USD/m3 excluded VAT
4. Management Fee: 
unit: 0.35-0,4 USD /㎡/year, excluded VAT


CIT rate:  10% favorable CIT for the first 15 years
Exempt CIT holiday 4 years since arising taxable income and decrease 50% for the next 9 years. 
5 years exemption: import tax holiday.

Major tenants



Room 605, 6th Floor, Toyota My Dinh Building, 15 Pham Hung Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: +84-24-2238-9898
Email: support@ipavietnam.org

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Bản đồ Binh Duong Map of Binh Duong


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