Hai Ha | IP060HH (52/100)

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Plan area: 660 ha
Leasable area: 50 ha - 100 ha
Period: 2014-2064
Leasing price: $40 - $60
Location: Quang Ninh
Site connection

Distance to Noi Bai airport: 290 km
Distance to Cai Lan seaport: 140 km
Distance to Hanoi city: 290 km
Distance to big industrial area (Ha Nam): 60 km

Infrustructure situation

Power supply (220 kV):
- A new station with a capacity of 2x250 + 3x63 MVA, with a total length of 220 kV lines of about 3,400m connecting to the national grid. In the first phase, it is possible to deploy 02 63 MVA units, which are equivalent to 20% of the calculated load of the whole area, when the electric load is gradually filled up, the station will be upgraded gradually according to the required capacity; During the beginning period, when there is no mains power source, the diesel engine will be used locally.
Water source:
- Quang Ha water plant with a capacity of 6,000m3 / day and night; Quang Minh water plant (capacity of 80,000m3 / day and night).
Drainage and wastewater treatment systems:
- Guaranteed according to the regulations

Attraction fields

All fields without pollution

Related costs

1. Electricity:
- Normal hours:  0.07 USD/Kwh
- Night hours:  0.045 USD/Kwh
- Rush hours: 0.119 USD/Kwh
 (excluded VAT)
2. Water Supply: 0.4 USD/m3 excluded V.A.T - monthly payment.
3. Water treatment: 0.5USD/m3 excluded VAT
4. Management Fee: 
unit: 0,31 USD /㎡/year, excluded VAT


CIT rate:  10% favorable CIT for the first 15 years
Exempt CIT holiday 4 years since arising taxable income and decrease 50% for the next 9 years. 
5 years exemption: import tax holiday.

Major tenants



Room 605, 6th Floor, Toyota My Dinh Building, 15 Pham Hung Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: +84-24-2238-9898
Email: support@ipavietnam.org

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