Dai Dong Hoan Son | IP017DDHS (64/100)

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Plan area: 400 ha
Leasable area: 50 ha - 100 ha
Period: 2008-2058
Leasing price: $60 - $80
Location: Bac Ninh
Site connection

Distance to Hanoi: 38 km
Distance to Hai Phong interntional seaport: 95 km
Distance to Noi Bai international airport: 30 km

Infrustructure situation
Traffic road: Outside IP: the asphalt concrete road with loading at H30, 8-15m width, pavement and light systems, trees rate with 12.45% of total area.
Electricity: Electrical line: 220Kv
Water: 5.000m3/day
Wastewater treatment: The capacity: 2.500m3/day
Garbage disposal: Waste is collected and transported to gather regional centralized treatment as prescribed

Telecommunication: Telecommunication systems to reach international standards and are always ready to meet communication needs.

Attraction fields

All fields without pollution, Electrical & Electronic products, Hi-tech products

Related costs

Management fee: 0.3usd/m2/year
Electricity price: according to EVN's regulations
Cost of wastewater treatment: 0.28USD/m3/year
Solid waste disposal fee: according to the provisions of the provincial People's Committee and of the Management Board of Industrial Zones


Preferential corporate income tax: Provisions of the Government's Decree No. 218/2013 / ND-CP dated December 26, 2013; incentive rate 10% in 15 years and Exempt 4 years and Abatement of 50% 9 succeeding years
Preferential import tax: Provisions of the Government's Decree No. 134/2016 / ND-CP dated 01/9/2016
Other add-ons: The investors will be given legal assistance for free (Certificate of Registration of Investment, Certificate of Business Registration, Permit for construction, formalities of the stay in Vietnam for foreigners…)

Major tenants

Hayakawa, Tabuchi, Cedo, Daisen, Maeda Kosen, UMW, YG Tech, Framas, Better Resin, Seojin....


Room 605, 6th Floor, Toyota My Dinh Building, 15 Pham Hung Street, Hanoi, Vietnam
Phone: +84-24-2238-9898
Email: support@ipavietnam.org

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Bản đồ Bac Ninh Map of Bac Ninh


Updated: 27/08/2020
My Xuan A
Plan area: 302ha
Leasable area: < 10 ha
Period: 2002-2052
Leasing price: Negotiation
Location: Ba Ria Vung Tau


Updated: 24/08/2020
Nam Cau Kien
Plan area: 263.47 ha
Leasable area: 30 ha - 50 ha
Period: 2008 - 2058
Leasing price: $80 - $100
Location: Hai Phong


Updated: 23/08/2020
Nam Tan Uyen
Plan area: 288 ha
Leasable area: < 10 ha
Period: 2005-2054
Leasing price: < $40
Location: Binh Duong


Updated: 22/08/2020
Hai Ha
Plan area: 660 ha
Leasable area: 50 ha - 100 ha
Period: 2014-2064
Leasing price: $40 - $60
Location: Quang Ninh