Image of Dong Thi Thao
Dong Thi Thao
Deputy Director
Ha Noi

Company introduction:

CNVGroup is proud to be a professional company in the field of Industrial Construction and in other fields such as mechanical manufacturing, automation and commercial trading. With professional management, high expertise technical team together with advanced machineries systems, we bring effective solutions to customers with high quality of projects, project lead-time and with the competitive price to meet different requirements and needs of customers.

Understanding Customer’s needs with the appropriate capabilities of CNVGroup is very important, we attach here core capabilities and our typical projects for your reference. Moreover, we look forward to working closely with our customers in order to provide the most suitable solutions to meet customers' requirements. 

We believe that CNVGroup has the appropriate capabilities when deciding to participate in the project of customers.

We are also very grateful for your choice with our products and services. We are also very proud to be a companion and contribute a small part to the development of our customers.

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