Vietnam Accommodation Service Standard Report Q2/2020

Vietnam Accommodation Service Standard Report Q2/2020

Updated: April 19,2022
Code: MR-003
Pages: 85


Over the past decade, tourism has become more and more accessible to people around the world. Therefore, the tourism industry has made strong developments, especially in recent years. The economy is recovering and growing strongly, and the living standards of people in many countries have been enhanced, spurring spending on global tourism and accommodation services.

However, the economic downturn will take place about every five years, resonating with the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, which predicts the tourism industry will suffer the most severe losses of all economic sectors.

Vietnam is one of the fastest growing tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. Thanks to many favorable factors such as the growth of tourists, new international hotel brands entering the market, the visa policy is relaxed and the development of infrastructure. However, the Covid-19 epidemic greatly affected the tourism industry, especially young countries like Vietnam. International tourists of Vietnam are mainly from Asia, countries such as China, South Korea, Japan, … these are outbreaks in the world, so the high-class hotel segment will lose revenue.

Table of Contents

Report Summary
1. Business Environment
1.1 Macroeconomic situation
1.2 Legal framework
2. Global tourism and travel industry and accommodation service industry
2.1 Global tourism and travel industry
2.1.1 Global tourism and travel industry scale
2.1.2 Situation of the world tourism and travel industry
2.2 Global accommodation service industry
2.2.1 Global accommodation service industry scale
2.2.2 Situation of global accommodation service industry
3. Vietnam accommodation service industry
3.1 Situation of the tourism and travel industry
3.2 Overview of the accommodation service industry
3.3 Supply
3.4 Operating capacity
3.5 Room hiring price
3.6 SWOT analysis
3.7 Planning
3.8 Driving forces
4. Enterprise analysis
4.1 Enterprise overview
4.2 Financial analysis

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