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Thanh Liem

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Plan area: 293 ha

Leasable area: 10 ha - 30 ha

Period: 50 years

Leasing price: $50 - $70

Location: Ha Nam

  • Site connection

    To Hanoi Capital: 55 km

    To Noi Bai International Airport: 75 km

    To Hai Phong Seaport: 110 km

    To Cai Lan Deep Seaport: 130 km

    To Vietnam - China Border Gate: 250 km

  • Infrustructure situation

    Thanh Liem Industrial Park is set up with a synchronous and modern infrastructure system

    Road system: Internal road system of 46m, 28m and 20,5m connected to each land lot with standard loading capacity ensure container 40ft and heavy trucks can run normally.

    Fresh water system: Hanam Freshwater Company (Wahaco) sets up the underground water pipe along the roads with dimensions from D90 toD250. The freshwater is supplied from Red River Water Plant with total capacity of 250,000m3/day. The current water supplying capacity for Thanh Liem Industrial Park is 50,000m3/day and it can be increaseable in accordance with users’ demand.

    Drainage system: The Industrial Park has two separate rainy and waste water drainage systems. Rainy drainage system include opening ditch arround with dimension D400-D800 and box culvert 2.5m x 2.5m. Wastewater culvert has dimension from D300 to D600.

    Wastewater treatment plant: Total treament capacity of 6,500m3/day to meet A level according QCVN 40-2011.

  • Attraction fields
    All fields without pollution, Electrical & Electronic products, Hi-tech products, Shoes, Textile & Garment, Construction Material, Processing Industry
  • Related costs

    Management fee: 0,3USD/m2/năm

    Land leasing fee paying for Goverment: According to regulation of Hanam Province appliable for Thanh Liem IP

    Freshwater cost: as approved by Ha Nam Province.

    Electricity cost: regulated by EVN

  • Incentives

    2 years examption of Corporate Income Tax and deduction 50% of Corporate Income Tax for next 4 years.

  • Contact
    Hotline: +84-933-086-088

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