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Quang Chau

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Plan area: 426 ha

Leasable area: > 100 ha

Period: 2006 - 2056

Leasing price: $50 - $70

Location: Bac Giang

  • Site connection

    Distance to Hanoi: 36km
    Distance to Hai Phong interntional seaport: 115km
    Distance to Noi Bai international airport: 35km

  • Infrustructure situation

    Internal traffic system: Main road: 32m and branch road: 23 m
    Power supply: National grid. 40MVA x2 transformer station dropping to 22kV, supplies electricity to the electric poles in IP.
    Water supply: Water supply plant uses the best advanced technology in the world, capacity in the phase 1: 5,000 m3/day.
    Waste water treatment: Water supply plant uses the best advanced technology in the world, capacity in the phase 1: 5,000 m3/day.
    Telecomunication: available

  • Attraction fields
    All fields without pollution, Electrical & Electronic products, Hi-tech products, Shoes, Textile & Garment
  • Related costs
    Land lease: 65 usd/m2/whole leasing term (not includeVAT)
    Management fee: 0.4 usd/m2/year (not includeVAT).
    Electronic price:
    (+) Nomal hour: From Monday to Saturday (From 04h00– 9h30) (11h30’ – 17h00) (20h00 – 22h00’); On Sunday (From 04h00’ – 22h00): VND 1,405/ kwh (equivalent to USD 0,07/ kwh);
    (+) Low hour (From 22h– 04h) in all day: VND 902/kwh (equivalent to USD 0.04/kwh)
    (+) Rush hour (From 9h30–11h30’)(17h00’ – 20h00’) from Monday to Saturday: VND 2,556/Kwh (equivalent to 0.12 USD/ kwh)
    Water price: 10,000 VND/m3(excluded VAT)
    Waste water treatment price: VND 9,400/ m3
    Raw land use fee: According to regulation of Bac Giang Province People’s Committee
    Basic salary: Zone 3: 2.900.000vnđ/people/month
    Salary for reference: Worker’s salary: 200-230USD/people/month. Engineer’s/ office staff’s salary: 300-500USD/people/month. Management officer’s salary: 500-1000USD/people/month
  • Incentives

    Preferential corporate income tax: Provisions of the Government's Decree No. 218/2013 / ND-CP dated December 26, 2013; incentive rate 10% in 15 years and Exempt 4 years and Abatement of 50% 9 succeeding years
    Preferential import tax: Provisions of the Government's Decree No. 134/2016 / ND-CP dated 01/9/2016
    Other add-ons: The investors will be given legal assistance for free (Certificate of Registration of Investment, Certificate of Business Registration, Permit for construction, formalities of the stay in Vietnam for foreigners…)

  • Major tenants

    JA Solar, Canon, Siflex, Hosiden, Nichirin, Oji, Crystal Martin, LuxShare –ICT, Umec, Wintek, L&C Tech...

  • Contact
    Hotline: +84-933-086-088

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