Project of trolleys manufacturnig of JIAN HE (China)

Land area: 14,618 m2
Investment capital: $ 2,100,000
Project objective: Manufacturing and assembling of trolleys, bamboo racks, wooden shelves, drawers, knitting frames.
Country/Territory: China
Date create: 17/09/2018 17:08:22
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Project of electrical equipments manufacturing of FEITENG WIRELESS TECHNOLOGY (China)

Investment capital: $ 3,415,767
Project objective: Manufacturing of antenna, high-frequency cable and connector for electrical and electronic products.
Country/Territory: China
Date create: 17/09/2018 17:04:07
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Project of Silk manufacturing of VIET PHUC (Hong Kong)

Land area: 13000
Investment capital: $ 2,450,000
Project objective: Manufacture and processing of silk yarn raw materials
Country/Territory: Hong Kong
Date create: 17/09/2018 16:56:14
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Project of ship building of JEIL VINA NT (Korea)

Land area: 19,375 m2
Investment capital: $ 3,000,000
Project objective: Manufacturing, processing and assembling steel structures for ship building
Country/Territory: Korea (South)
Date create: 13/09/2018 22:35:21
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Project of wood products manufacturing from China

Land area: 125,136
Investment capital: $ 5,000,000
Project objective: Manufacturing of household furniture
Country/Territory: China
Date create: 13/09/2018 22:31:12
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