Dinh Vu - Cat Hai Economic Zone

22,540ha, including: Non-tariff & Tariff zones
Port system: 1,046ha, including: Haiphong Int’I Gateway Port (Lach Huyen Deep-sea Port): 640 ha; Dinh Vu port: 251 ha; Nam Dinh Vu Port: 144 ha; Cat Hai Port (fishing Port): 11 ha.
Industrial zones: 4,550 ha (Ben Rung IZ: 319 ha, VSIP: 698 ha, Trang Due IZ: 400 ha, Nam Trang Cat IZ:138 ha, Dinh Vu IZ: 681 ha, Nam Dinh Vu IZ: 867 ha, Cat Hai – Lach Huyen IZ: 1,447 ha.
Storage system: 209 ha
Public service area: 761 ha (Public service area at the the South of Cat Bi airport: 22 ha, Public service area at new urban area and residential area: 739 ha)
Other areas: 2,105 ha (Health service areas: 7 ha, Training, education and scientfic research area: 69 ha, Tourism and resort area: 87 ha, Park and green tree system: 1.839 ha, Defence and security area: 103 ha)
Urban and residential area: 2,062 ha (Ben Rung urban area: 390 ha, VSIP urban area: 364 ha, Nam Song Gia urban Area: 371 ha, Nam Trang Cat urban Area: 629 ha, Nam Cat Bi Airport urban area: 221 ha, Cat Hai urban area: 87 ha)
Transport system and technical infrastructure: 2,196 ha
Other land areas: 8,350 ha
NON – TARIFF ZONE: 1,258ha
Function: For export processing. storage,showroom, services, administration, customs, ect (Nam Dinh Vu area: 448 ha, Lach Huyen Port area: 810 ha)

Dinh Vu - Cat Hai Economic Zone is determined as an integrated economic zone in order to serve the needs of socio - economic development of Haiphong city and of the Northern coastal area. It is a multi - sectoral, multidisciplinary marine economic center of the Northern coastal region and of the whole country which has modern and synchronous technical and social infrastructures attached to environmental protection, sustainable development, ensuring national defense and security.

Deep C/DVIZ is located at the centre of Haiphong’s infrastructure development projects, including the new International Cat Bi Airport, Lach Huyen Deep Sea Port and Hanoi – Haiphong New Expressway. Hence, our tenants can benefit from a unique location with intermodal connectivity which equals to significant savings on transportation costs.

Up to December 20th, 2016, Hai Phong has 565 FDI projects with the total investment capital is nearly 14.514 billion US dollars

All fields without pollution;

Hai Phong Economic Zone Authority (HEZA)
Add: 24 Cu Chinh Lan, Hong Bang District, Hai Phong City
Tel: (84) 0313.569.170/ 0313.823.206
Fax: (84) 0313.842.426
Email: banquanlykkt@haiphong.gov.vn

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